Direction of External Relations and International Development (DREDI)

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Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne
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The Direction of External Relations and International Development (DREDI) implements the international policy defined in the quadriennial contract of the URCA.

Its missions are centred around two main and complementary lines: foster European and international mobility of students, teachers, researchers and administrative personnel AND develop scientific cooperation with foreign universities, in compliance with the Charter for international exchange programmes and the Charter for international degrees set up by the Administration Council in May 2009.

First line of action: foster European and international mobility

The international mobility unit:

  • organises, together with partner universities, exchanges of personnel, teachers, researchers and students within the scope of the ERASMUS University Charter and URCA’s international exchange programme,
  • activates the internal network of exchange programme coordinators and correspondents,
  • develops attractive information and communication for students by taking part in specialised fairs and forums,
  • takes an active part in national and international correspondent networks,
  • receives and advises international students during their stay,
  • helps in the administrative and financial preparation of postgraduate exchanges, in close collaboration with PhD units,
  • manages, administratively and financially, the requests for international mobility from students within the framework of exchange programmes: with Europe (ERASMUS), Quebec (CREPUQ), Australia, Taiwan, Russia, Central and Latin America...
  • manages the requests for grants with the Regional Council and the Ministry of Higher Education and Research,
  • manages the administration of foreign courses

Second line of action: develop scientific cooperation

The Scientific Cooperation Unit:

  • monitors the collaboration agreements and bilateral international actions,
  • organises the reception of foreign delegations,
  • runs information intelligence on international mobility and training programmes,
  • advises and helps in the preparation of international partnership degrees such as ERASMUS MUNDUS
  • participates actively in national and international correspondents networks,
  • writes an annual activity report for the Presidency.
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