Health, Safety and Environment Department


Chef de service - conseiller prévention Phone 03 26 91 39 88
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Health, Safety and Environment Department
Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne
2 avenue Robert Schuman
51100 Reims
Telephone : +33 3 26 91 39 88 / +33 3 26 91 32 64
Telecopie : +33 3 26 91 39 82



  • Advise the University President in the preparation and mainlines of the safety policy.
  • Manage health and safety regulation intelligence and release to the appropriate units information regarding hazards and safety regulations, as well as guidelines and suggestions of solutions for their implementation. Develop and update intranet’s health and safety documents.
  • Run the Health and Safety Committee and monitor its actions and proposals
  • Take part in the elaboration of the training plan and some safety training sessions (e.g. first aid safety training)
  • Together with the Building Technical Department, manage fire safety and regular maintenance and safety operations.
  • Manage and monitor risk assessment operations by means of visits of premises and meetings with site personnel.
  • Answer any health and safety questions coming from personnel and students.

Annual reports on risk prevention in URCA set up within the framework of the safety campaign since 2001/2002, including a report on actions performed in the year and a list of goals to be reached for the coming year.
Report presented and validated by the Health and Safety Committee and then by the Administration Council during the first quarter of each year.

Attached files:
Letter , President’s general safety policy
Annual report on risk prevention in the University: 2007-2008 report, 2008-2009 perspectives

The Health and Safety Department is in contact with many national institutions involved in risk prevention, providing important information on this topic:

Date of birth:
December 1996 (position occupied by Vincent CONRAD since May 2001)

1 research engineer

Field of competence:
The whole URCA.

Human means:
Several safety correspondents officially nominated but without any hierarchical links with the Health, Safety and Environment Department (unit and laboratory correspondents).

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