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Contact information

Laboratory address:
HERVI Laboratory
Faculty of Medicine and Hematology Laboratory of the Biology Center Reims University Hospital

Name of contact person: Mrs Gaël POITEVIN
Phone +33 3 26 78 91 88
Fax +33 3 26 78 81 71


Shared Secretariat of Ea
Mrs. Marie TRAORE
Email address:
Phone+33 3 26 91 85 51

Website: in project

Team presentation

The laboratory is studying the mechanisms of hemostasis involved during ischemia and tissue reperfusion. The project is more specifically focused on the regulation of tissue factor expression by blood and endothelial cells: role of the microenvironment and inflammation. The team develops experimental models allowing the analysis of the mechanisms involved during ischemia (pre- and post-myocardial conditioning, ischemic of the lower limb). The laboratory is very involved in clinical work, supported by fundamental projects.


  • teacher-researchers 12, researchers 0, IATOS 3
  • doctoral students 3, post-doctoral students 0

Key words

Haemostasis, ischemia, thrombosis, inflammation, cardioprotection, vascular repair, thrombin generation, pharmacology.

Research topics

  • tissue factor biology, regulation of thrombin generation
  • mechanisms of ischemia and cardioprotection, pharmacological regulation
  • hemostasis and vascular repair
  • clot structure


  • classical techniques in cell biology, molecular biology, protein analysis, signaling, flow cytometry, pharmacology
  • Kinetic measurement of thrombin generation
  • animal model of cardioprotection (Langendhorff)
  • animal model of ischemia of the lower limbs
  • clinical research


Private companies :

Diagnostica Stago


  • UMR CNRS/URCA 7369 MEDYC: Extracellular matrix and cellular dynamics (P. Maurice, F. Toure) Reims
  • UMR_S1140 INSERM: Therapeutic innovation in hemostasis (P. Gaussem) Paris V
  • UMR_S1076 INSERM: Physiopathology of the endothelium (F. Dignat-Georges) Marseille
  • U1082 INSERM IRTOMIT : Ischemia Reperfusion in Organ Transplantation Mechanisms and Therapeutic Innovations (L. Macchi) Poitiers
  • UMR 7312 CNRS Institute of Molecular Chemistry de Reims (F. Edwards-Levy) Reims
  • BioSpecT : Translational BioSpectroscopy (O. Piot) Reims
  • Health Technology Platform:PICT IBISA (C. Terryn)
  • Health Technology Platform: URCACyt - Flow cytometry technical platform (R. Le Naours)
  • Regional Platform of Innovative Biology (PRBI) CHU Reims (H. Moret)
  • Pathology Anatomy Laboratory URCA Reims


  • Langendhorff animal model
  • measurement of thrombin generation using a Calibrated Automated Thrombogram
  • Elutriation of monocytes

Update : march 2018

Organizational chart



  • Directeur adjoint

  • Phone NC

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