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Welcome to URCA libraries!

The University library gathers the University's libraries and documentation centers, on all sites (department libraries, laboratory libraries, research libraries and documentation centers), which are integrated or associated with it.

The libraries are open to everyone who need information and documents of academic level, the librarians welcome, advise, train and give access to ressources to students and academic staff. The 10 libraries offers over 2300 study places.

Our collections of print and online resources support the teaching and research activities of the University. Our printed collections consist of around 450,000 books, with over 85,000 online journal titles, over 645,000 online books.

Loan conditions:

  • Students : unlimited loans for 3 weeks. Loan items can be renewed 2 times for a 3 weeks period.
  • Staff and PhD students : unlimited loans for 15 weeks

Some materials have more restrictive loan conditions.