You are a student in Licence, Master or PhD? The library can help you figuring out how to use information resources, how to format your dissertations or to make beautiful bibliographies thanks to Zotero…

If you are a L1 student, you have to take a course organized by the library. This course is mandatory and you will get graded.

Find all our trainings in our training catalogue.

Anytime, you can ask to meet a librarian, alone or in group, to get a private training.

You are a student in PhD ? The library can help you to:

  • find relevant resources
  • format your dissertation
  • write bibliographies with (and without) Zotero
  • create a content curation
  • be aware and to respect copyright

You can meet a librarian for private trainings or take part of one of our group trainings.

You can find all ongoing and defended theses in France since 1985 on (in English).

You can find information on theses in France on the ABES website (in English).

How to find relevant resources? How to format my dissertation? How to write a bibliography?

You can meet a librarian to answer those questions or write us a mail.

You can find some style sheets and bibliography advices.

Be always careful to avoid plagiarism by following those advices.