Book a group study room

You would find group study rooms in 3 libraries.

Robert de Sorbon Library: 7 rooms
BU Moulin de la Housse Library: 4 rooms
Health Library : 9 rooms, including 2 dedicaded to anatomy models and boards

To book your group study room, follow the link:
The use of the study rooms is limited to opening hours of the libraries


  • Access to study room is dedicated for students for group work, excluding any teaching.
  • Reservations are made at fixed hour or half-hour. A delay of 15 minutes is allowed. Beyond 15 minutes of delay,the reservation will be canceled and the room released for other groups.
  • A reservation canceled due to delay counts as a reservation made.
  • One reservation/booking per student per day.
  • 3 pre-bookings over a period of 15 days.
  • Maximum stay : 4 hours

How to

To book a study room, the working group organizer give the names of the participants. Each participation in a workgroup counts as a pre-booking, and debits the pre-booking account of all participants.

The pre-booking accounts are credited once the reservation is over, but you will have to wait one day before a new reservation, or participate again in a working group. All members of the working group must be present to get the keys.

Find the application on the « Bureau Virtuel » « Bibliothèque / Réservation de salle » or following the link

Informations needed:

  • Your name, then the name of all the participants in the group (by selecting it from the context menu that appears when you enter the first letters of the name)
  • Number of participants
  • Date of booking
  • Choose the material (video projector)
  • Choose a room, checking its availability on the calendar
  • Choose the time of entry and exit
  • Enter

All members of the working group will receive an email confirmation.