Printing and photocopying

This service is available to the whole academic community (students and staff) as well as to external readers registered with the library. Printing is possible from the library’s computers, your laptop, your tablet or your smartphone.


0.06 € A4 black and white
0.16€ A4 colour
1 page A3 = 2 pages A4

Refill an account

Credit your account online by credit card from 2 € or on the terminals (cash / credit card) present in the libraries’ printing rooms.

The sum credited on your account can be used until it is exhausted. It is neither exchangeable nor refundable. The sum credited is aimed solely at the payment of printing / photocopies and cannot be used for any other use (for example for paying meals in the campuses’ restaurants or for journeys on the public transportation system, for which distinct credit systems exist).

Students: your account is linked to your student card.

University of Reims staff and external readers: you have to be registered with the library and have a Sedeco card (price of the card 1.50 €). Before printing for the first time, the card has to be activated, by matching your card to your library account. The card is rechargeable for one year from the first charge onward and can be used until the amount is exhausted.

Load a document on the platform

Login with your University credentials at the address

Select colour or black and white. Advanced options allow you to:

  • print in several copies;
  • choose the range of pages to print;
  • print on both sides.

Once the document has the status « Printed », go to the copier to release the printing and retrieve the document. Sent documents stay 72 hours in the queue.

Check the document

To check the document and view the status of your print and your account, log in to :

Unlock printing

You have 72 hours to put your student card or your Sedeco card on the card read next to the copier.

All the documents present in your queue will be printed.


To scan a document, please insert a USB stick and choose « Scan > USB ». Digitization is free of charge.