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Hype 13 project: a MOOC on the concept of external pedagogical resources

For almost two decades, the term hybridisation has come up repeatedly in the fields of pedagogical innovation and more particularly the digital transformation of teaching. In this online course, we propose to explore the question further by focusing on the use of external pedagogical resources in an organisation which is embarking on a hybridisation process, in particular through what is called open educational resources.

This course covers everything from establishing a resource capitalisation strategy to monitoring usage in the context of the hybridisation of external resources.


15 hours of training and all content will be available from the start of the course. 2 activities will be handed in at the end of the course.

Course plan:

Module 0: Introduction to Hype13

Module 1: The imperative integration of external resources

Module 2: Knowing and analysing the sources of resources

Module 3: Resource usage monitoring

Module 4: Learning Analytics: beyond traditional analyses

Module 5: Curricula and re-engineering

Prerequisites and audience: This course does not require any prerequisites. It is intended for all those who are curious to better understand the challenges of pooling external resources in the context of digital transformation.

Dates: The course will take place over a period of 3 weeks, from 9 to 30 May 2022

Registration: To register, click on this link Hybridisation and Sharing @ CY: Connect on the website ( and follow the procedure indicated in the “Platform Registration” box

For more information, view the presentation video or the slideshow.