Enhanced cooperation between Nagoya University and URCA

Published on 25 March 2019

Since 2017, in the wake of the twinning of the cities of Reims and Nagoya, URCA has developed active and diversified cooperation with Nagoya University, ranked among the 350 best universities in the world (2019 World University Rankings) and 7th among universities in Japan (2018 Japan University Rankings).

This cooperation has developed around shared interests (fundamental mathematics, public law and, more recently, biorefinery and plant biology) and taken the form of various activities (mobility of teacher-researchers and students, organisation of joint workshops or study days, hosting of institutional delegations, etc.).

A Reims-Nagoya Kyotake Shigeno scholarship programme has also been created in partnership with the City of Reims. It aims to support the short-term mobility of Master's and PhD students to encourage the co-management or co-supervision of theses. In 2018, 3 students from Nagoya University and 1 URCA student were the first recipients of the scholarship programme.

After signing a first cooperation agreement in March 2017 with the Graduate School of Mathematics, URCA President, Mr Guillaume GELLÉ, went to Nagoya at the beginning of March 2019 to sign an inter-university agreement opening the way to broad-based cooperation with all Nagoya University departmental units both in the field of training and research.

This institutional visit to Japan enabled the URCA President and his delegation to meet with Japanese partner universities including Nagoya City University, Meiji University in Tokyo and Saitama University, with which they have been leading cooperation between the GEGENAA (Anthropogenic and Archaeological Natural Environments and Geomaterials Study Group) research laboratory and the Graduate School of Science and Engineering for several years.

After this trip to Nagoya, URCA then hosted a multidisciplinary delegation of 16 students from Nagoya University from 11 to 15 March in Reims.

During their stay in Reims, the students were able to benefit from a rich range of cultural but also pedagogical activities (a visit to Reims Cathedral, a champagne cellar, a visit to the RIBP laboratory, a meeting with students from CNAM, etc.).


in June 2019, URCA will organise the International PhD Lab - Mathematics (IPL-Maths), a short programme co-organised by researchers from URCA, the Higher School of Economics of Moscow, the University of Tokyo and Nagoya University.

in September 2019, the XIIIth Franco-Japanese seminar on public law with the attendance of researchers from Nagoya will be organised in Reims.

Picture of the meeting Picture of the meeting Picture of the students Picture of the students